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hates the world...
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Below are the 1 most recent journal entries recorded in Chaos Githzerai's LiveJournal:

Monday, April 21st, 2008
8:11 pm
Friends Only.
Updating the friends only message with no banner, because nobody took the old one seriously and I didn't want to keep that rant up forever even though I'm still upset that nobody takes me seriously.

Comments are disabled on this post to avoid what happened that really sent me through the roof last time, so if you want to become friends, just send me a message and I'll read it and decide whether or not to reply and add you back or not.

Be warned though, I don't update my journal often because I just can't find anything I feel that's really worth while to say that wouldn't be wasting everybody's time. I'm actually friendlier than this, but I'm just trying to be cautious.
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